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From the makers of the Jewish Wisdom Ball, Dreidel Revolution™ is a new spin on a Hanukkah classic! We've created new rules and new pieces to level-up the dreidel experience, producing fast and fun dreidel games your family and friends can play all Hanukkah long – maybe even year-round. 

Each box contains rules for eight brand new dreidel games and the custom components necessary to play. Games take just a few minutes to learn and an entire game can be finished in 5-15 minutes. Each game adds something new to the dreidel experience while remaining true to its core elements. Four of the games are for ages 4+ and the other four games are more appropriate for players 10 and older. 
The most prominent of the new components are the patent-pending Eight Crazy Dice™. The dice have eight sides (one side for each night!), with two sides dedicated to each of the four traditional dreidel symbols. This gives them 1-in-4 odds of rolling each symbol, making them completely interchangeable with regular dreidels. Dreidel Revolution games use dreidels, dice, or a combination of your choice. Eight Crazy Dice are also an inclusive alternative to standard dreidels, making Hanukkah games accessible to small children, the elderly, or anyone with motor control issues that make spinning a dreidel difficult.

The other original components include a Shamash "button," which is used like the Dealer button in poker games, and 28 tokens; seven of each of the four dreidel symbols. Along with six standard dreidels, a dice cup, and 60 coins, these components create possibilities for numerous styles of gameplay.

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa S.
Much more fun dreidel games!

Easy to play new games with instructions.
We played four of the games so far, and they are much quicker and more fun!