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    More about Rite Lite

    Rite Lite Ltd. was founded by Holocaust survivor Jacob Rosenthal in 1949 and they have been a leading manufacturer of Jewish ceremonial items, gifts, decorations, educational toys and crafts, books and more ever since. The legacy of his creative flair and unfailing commitment to value are hallmarks of every Rite Lite product. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Michele B.
    Teaching my gson

    Loved playing with my grandson and teach him the hebew alphabet

    Michael B.
    Dreidle parcheesi

    Enjoyed playing the game with my grandkids even though they instituted their own rules!!

    Linda L.
    Great Fun and Also Sort of Challenging

    At first glance, this is a fun version of the game Trouble. Who doesn't love the pop-o-matic? But it slowly dawns on you that you need to think more stratigically. There are only 4 values instead of 6 AND they follow the dreidel rules so you don't get to move at all for one of the values. Our family had a great time adjusting to this new twist on an old favorite.

    Beth B.
    Dreidel pop

    Kids had fun playing the game

    Lili G.
    my grandson enjoyed playing with this

    Easy to use. Fun to play