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    More about Rite Lite

    Rite Lite Ltd. was founded by Holocaust survivor Jacob Rosenthal in 1949 and they have been a leading manufacturer of Jewish ceremonial items, gifts, decorations, educational toys and crafts, books and more ever since. The legacy of his creative flair and unfailing commitment to value are hallmarks of every Rite Lite product. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Susan S.
    Sparkling Lights

    Really like the look of the Menorah and the sparkling lights. Exactly what I was looking for

    Susan B.

    This menorah is very attractive and will be perfect In our window.

    Ayala W.
    Exactly What We Needed

    We are very pleased with this purchase. We needed a non candle lighting option for Chanukah because we now own a bird and candles burning are toxic to her. It is very pretty and easy to use. If I had one suggestion, it would be that the lights were different colours like the candles that we would normally burn.

    Natalie R.
    Diamon Cut Electric Menorah

    Thrilled to pieces with latest purchase. Can't wait to use it. What a surprise. The ELECTRIC Menorah has no plug? Now can put it anyway. Inserted the batteries and am ready to rock and roll. Being of the :Older: generation did not expect batteries.

    Now you can use your menorah anywhere!

    Emily K.
    I so want to love this product!

    My daughter selected this as her "forever" menorah and she was really excited to get it! The first few nights of Chanukah, it worked great; after perhaps day four, the menorah started malfunctioning. We tried replacing batteries and that really did not help. Sometimes it worked but it was inconsistent and would get "stuck" on a setting. It really is pretty and perhaps our particular one was a one-off issue but there were definitely some challenges with it! We are aiming to get our money back.