Blue Smash Glass with White Embroidered Suede Bag

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This blue smash glass is specially designed to be thin for easy breaking. There are no thicker or thinner spots so it breaks evenly without creating any sharp and dangerous protrusions. Comes in a luxuriously embroidered drawstring white suede bag. The glass is sewn into a heavy white fabric for additional protection against the glass shards. The embroidered design spells out “מזל טוב” in Hebrew and "Mazel Tov" in English.

Bag measures 5" x 9". 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Betsy B.
Just what I was looking for

Daughter wanted her groom to 'step on the glass' at their wedding. This was very nicely made, and seemed safe, with the glass sewed into an inner cloth bag (no shards of glass flying anywhere) and the out 'Mazel Tov' drawstring bag made of a very sturdy material. We'll find out how well it works in about a month!

Joyce A.
Loved watching my son smash this glass!

It was perfect for my sons wedding.

Angela G.
Beautiful and elegant

Delivered on time and beautifully presented.
Well made and elegantly packaged.
Perfect for ending the wedding ceremony !
Mazel Tov!

Henry (.C.H.
Nice product

Haven’t seen it break yet, but wedding is next week. It’s beautiful and the bag is quite nice. Delivery was very prompt. I’d buy it again. Fortunately I won’t have to. Thanks 🙏

Denise B.

Chuppah Smash Glass with Embroidered Suede Bag