Bashert Hebrew Bracelet - Copper, Brass or Aluminum

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A beautiful, metal cuff is hand stamped "bashert" (destiny) in Hebrew letters.

Bashert mean destiny in Yiddish. Though the term bashert can refer to any fortuitous event (“I missed the bus, but it must have been bashert, because I heard it broke down”), it’s most often used to mean a soulmate: the one person whom an individual is divinely destined to marry.

The perfect gift for your bashert for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Hanukkah or anniversaries. 

Choose your favorite metal: Copper, Golden Brass, or Silver Aluminum

1/4 inch wide x 6 inches long, stretches to adjust to wrist. 

Copper and brass naturally darker or patina with wear; a cleaning cloth is included with your item.

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More about Everything Beautiful

Woman - she is worthy, she is wonderful, and she is to be celebrated! Women serve the world in all kinds of capacities and sometimes need reminders of just how amazing they are.

The inspiration for Janet's designs comes from her own faith and fortitude. ''I believe women are a lot stronger than they give themselves credit for. I love to make designs that remind them of their power, the love they share, and the faith that keeps them strong. I love to have mementos around me that say I am a strong woman and I can do it...whatever IT is!''

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with beautiful, high-quality metals such as 14K gold-filled, rose gold-filled, and 925 sterling silver.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wes E.
Great small gift

My wife loves her bashert bracelet, which I gave her for Valentine's Day; it's beautiful, well crafted, and such a deal.

Sharon F.
Fabulous bracelet

My second order. Wonderful gift

Barbara W.
I LOVE my new bracelet with cute pic.

I love my new bashert bracelet. It is perfect! My hubs bought it for me for our upcoming 32nd wedding anniversary this coming Friday, November 13. Here is a picture that my bashert took of me proudly wearing my new bashert bracelet. Thanks Modern Tribe!

That's so sweet- enjoy and mazel tov!