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    More about Rite Lite

    Rite Lite Ltd. was founded by Holocaust survivor Jacob Rosenthal in 1949 and they have been a leading manufacturer of Jewish ceremonial items, gifts, decorations, educational toys and crafts, books and more ever since. The legacy of his creative flair and unfailing commitment to value are hallmarks of every Rite Lite product. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Lea W.

    Liked by the people that got it

    Caren G.
    Pretty and Practical

    We all know Chanukah candles drip. The Drip tray not only makes a pretty base for your menorah, but keeps your tables/counters safe from the wax! I bought one for both my children too!

    Love when function meets fashion!

    J M.
    Chanukah Candles etc.

    I am very pleased with the plate for under the Menorah and the "wax off"! It sure saves a lot of digging! I will be using it for my Shabbos candle sticks! However, I have not been happy with the Safed Candles I purchased. The bottom of the candles are rounded and in order for them to stand straight in the Menorah I have to cut off about a quarter inch on each candle! I