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Our new website looks prettier, yes, but we've built in many new functions that will help us provide even better customer service.

Facebook Login

Create an account in two seconds by going to SIGN IN and either entering your name and email or simply clicking Facebook Sign Up/In.

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Card is Charged When Items Ship

Now you can order items that take a few days to ship: personalized items, special orders and pre-orders -- knowing your credit card won't be charged until your items are shipping. Our new system allows us to authorize your credit card to approve the sale. But only when your items are ready to ship will your credit card be charged.

Returns Management

We've made returns easier. As instructed on Packing Slips, if you need to make a return, go to our Returns Management Page and enter your email and order number.

You'll be prompted to tell us which items and for what reason are you making the return. Depending on the reason for the return we may issue you a paid return shipping label. You'll be able to track the progress of your return through the management system too.

"Fav It"

Our new easy "Save for Later" / personal "wish list" is made with a click of a button on any product page. Thumbnail images of your "Fav" items will be collected a the bottom left of your screen: there for you to remember.

Easy Site and Product Reviews

On the left of every page is a tab that says "Reviews". Click it to read Reviews or write a site Review. Also, near the bottom of each Product Page is a place for you to write your product reviews. After purchasing an item, an email will be sent to you asking you to review the product. Please do so that we, and our customers, know how satisfied you are with your items.

New Ways to Navigate

Now you can simply flip from product-to-product by clicking the "Previous" and "Next" buttons on Product Pages.

These are just a few of the ways our new site makes it easier and more fun to buy a Jewish gift on! Thank you for shopping with us!

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