Matisyahu + ModernTribe + Heeb magazine Giveaway

This is the former landing page for the Matisyahu and ModernTribe Jewish Gifts Sweepstakes that took place in the Fall of 2009. The winner of the sweepstakes won $500 of ModernTribe goods plus tickets to Matisyahu's concert. Read the comments from the entries of the sweepstakes:

that he makes music with people from different cultures

"yiggi yo yiggi yo"

So spiritual! I really love his music because it makes you really believe that there is faith in the human race. There is hope for world peace and it is wonderful how we have a voice out there in the "rock star" section that believes in it!

The sound, just so much different


There tends to be a lot of "religious" singers out there. Matisyahu really digs what he does and it shows. He uses his music to worship HaShem, not just for show. His lyrics are just out of control good, as well. I've watched videos of his live shows and you can just see pure passion in what he does. And ModernTribe? You all hook me up with sweet Judaica. And Patrick A is one sick dude! :)

His joyful music


He speaks the truth! He brings a new voice to the youthful, observant Jewish population and beyond.

the rhythms

there music and image.

He speaks from the heart

the enjoyment


He's a rock star and a religious Jew. What a combination.

hes awesome

The music is so unique

Well...Matisyahu himself of course, or at least who I perceive him to be.I also really love the music and the various ways he interacts with his fans.

I like the Jewish home goods section. There are so many hard to find, unique items.

the way his music touches my soul and and seems to calm me in dkuring worse times

I love that his music has a message for everyone.

i love the spiritual feel i get when i listen to matisyahu can make the worst day brighten in a second it calms you and lifts you up.

that he is a good rapper and he shares the same religion and culture as me!

I love how he bounces when he's on stage. Also love how committed he is to his religion. Nuff love respect and love to Matis


He has shown me that I can be anything I want to be as a Jew.

His inspiring lyrics. :)

Hellloooo...what's not to love!!?

i love your music to me it is more than music to me it was the key to helping me get out of my old life of drugs and i can say thanks to you you helped me live a clean a sober life and i have been doing it through the help of you great music and i love the new cd you were awesome in SD keep it up

I love his songs, and his concert presence.

faith and words that keep me going through life :)

How stylish all the clothing is!

his originality

He saved my life.

The Beat boxing!

As a Native American I appreciate the message he sends out in his music. I also love the fact that he is proud of who he is and is not afraid to show it. As a non profit employee I attend many conferences with inspirational speakers and I think his music would fit in great and I consider it to be inspirational.

I love how his music relates to my life. For example, in his Youth album, the song Fire of Heaven helped me humble myself. I really uderstand alot of his music simply because i really dont have any close people in my life. Im a Struggla cause Ive been through it all. I also love alot of your other songs like Got no Water, I Will be Light, Chop em Down, Sea to Sea and many other songs. And the thing i love most about your music, it helps me speak with G-d. I praise G-d by listening and singing to your music. So much love Matisyahu, you help me cope with the rest of the world.....

I love Matisyahu's lyrics mostly. His music calms me down and puts me in a better mood by opening my mind and seeing things diffrentley. I love what he stands for and belives in. I think he's a great role model.

he's such a G. just an inspiration.


He's a really good father and role model.

His message of peace and love.

Matisyahu's music is excellent its beautiful and it shows love to our Lord most of all. He's spreading the gospel to people who need it. Thats what I love about Matisyahu.

Da music man!

I love his music and the fact that he has a message to share with the world through his lyrics!

I love that Matisyahu gives me hope and comfort as I work to create a new center of Jewish culture in the Jerusalem of Lithuania.


Awesome in concert!

his music?

FEAR we are here it is not clear behind my wheel I will steer sticks and stones this word is known my path is my own I will find my home never before never after and still FEAR IS NOT THE ANSWER.

Love the joy that I get listening to Matis :-)

I love how Matis is always eager to meet his fans and do what he can for them. Always giving out tickets on twitter and meeting and greeting with everyone! His lyrics are inspirational and uplifting! I also love his passion for Judaism and his want to make the world a better place.

He's a bad ass jew!

The way his music makes me feel.

I love how uplifted I feel listing to his music

I love the music of Matisyahu because in any darkness.. the music shines a light. It's so uplifting and real! I honestly find it to be a lot more powerful and immediate than other musicians. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

The Music!!!

He recorded my voicemail!!!!

He is a Jew and his music is clean, no bad language, etc.

A hassidic Jew mastering reggae is beautiful... I am a huge Peter tosh fan and also a matisyahu fan... The true reggae artists always sing about Zion and jah... No one better understands the Rastafarian concept of Zion than a Torah Jew and matisyahu excells at what he does

He has a positive message in his music. That is greatly needed these days.

I love reggae music and I love how he incorporates the Jewish religion into it.

I think he is a great artist, very talented. I love the modern music with kosher lyrics (:

His music!!!!!!!!!!

Music makes me move.. it's happiness through lyric.. Thanks!

His music and how he makes positive music and hes true to God.

his performances. when he freestyles.

he is my main jew

I love matisyahu's inspirational lyrics, that anyone can relate to. and also his beatboxing and catchy tunes.


I would have to say the lyrics and his style

I love that he can be a Yid, while staying cool original and embrace anyone.

The first time I saw him was four years ago at Rockland Community College and I was blown away. I make sure to see him as much as I can every year (three times if not more)! I'm a HUGE fan!

I love his music and vibe, merging folk, hip-hop and reggae...I appreciate his philanthropic side, his commitment to Judaism....I had dinner with him in Sacramento, hes super nice too!

I love Matisyahu because he shows one can be famous secular musician and still maintain our traditions and customs,also his songs are BOMB!!!

His beats, openness, and commitment to the Jewish faith.

His Voice

Awesome, uplifting and substantive tunes I can listen to with my daughter.

beat boxes, lyrics

positive vibes!

I went to my first matisyahu concert last december. a week before i traveled to israel. i love his lyrics and find them soo inspirational!


I have so much respect and love for Matisyahu, its been a awhile since artist has broke out onto the scene spreading words that actually have ture meaning and a positive affect on people. Your song "One Day" Has a major place in my heart, as does many of your others. I would love to meet you Matisyahu and shake your hand! With so much respect and love, Jolene

his talent to spread light to the masses. few people can express how they feel about god and stll be so "cool"

His message!

the vibes

I love that through Matisyahu's music I can feel the love of G-d that Sunday school &synagogue was supposed to help me feel. I love that he is able to communicate his own love of G-d through such beautiful music. And I love that his music is the first music I was able to shake off my self-consciousness and dance to

He is a superb human beat box specimen, spreading good vibes to those who will listen! Jam on Matisyahu!

sound, style, lyrics, etc

Love, Torah, peace and music..Matis brings it all.

He is magical!

Matisyahu is the absolute coolest! I dig his style, his faithfulness, his mad beat boxing skills, his lyrics. I have never missed a show when he comes to Dallas & "Live at Stubbs" was on repeat after my mom passed was one of the few things that uplifted me. He is a rocking awesome artist & one cool dude.

everything. such an amazing man!

He is a lyical genius! I love that he isnt the normal.

i can listen to your music all the time... do work son...

I love his music and the way it captures your soul and you just feel such a great vibe and natural high!!!!


his peyot

He is LIGHT to the world, with the love of G-D and His TORAH!

He inspires me, he helps me see the good in the world

his concerts

He inspired me to convert!

his positive vibes and his pure stright from the soul music

I love how his music makes me want to dance. I love that Matisyahu's music spreads love and peace.

His beard.

that he invited the crowd on stage at one of his summerfest performances


Original style

He proves that Judaism is quite relevant today and always!

I love the fact that he sticks to his roots.

His/their music has helped me get through some incredibly difficult, dark times in my life & made the good times even better! Matisyahu & co. bring some much needed love & light into our collective universe! I'm eternally grateful to them!

I love the "feel-good" feeling I get while listening to his music, and find inspiration with his words. I think I've become a better person in a way, through patience and positive thinking. And, I love how I found Trevor Hall through Matisyahu. Thanks much, Nick

His passion and zeal in his music. He doesn't compromise his faith for music fame but stays steadfast.


He is an inspiration and his music means so much to me

What I LOVE about Matis is his connection to the Eternal and his ability to ROCK THE MIC WITH PASSION GALORE!

What I love most about Matisyahu is his obedience to HaShem.

his talent to spread light to the masses. few people can express how they feel about god and stll be so "cool"

The message he brings to people, his honesty, and the fact that his music has helped me in very dark times of my life.

Love the way he carries himself as a person.

His BEARD!! haha no really though he is a great artist accompanied by a great band. My first live matis show was at summerfest in milwaukee in 2008, and ever since then life is full of LIGHT! He has great messages behind his words and not to mention his whole Youth album should of won the noble peace prize if you ask me. Its the first album by any artist i've seen that really spoke to my generation, the teenagers, and young adults of the world. The first of many positive turning points in my life started right after i listened to youth. Then my first live show ever front row at summerfest and he calls me up on stage!! WHAAAT!!!

For not being a spiritual man(myself), His music enlightens, lifts me up, & takes me to a special place I can't even put into words. Beautiful music.

I Love how he Expresses his Thoughts and religion through his music... I feel everything he puts out touches everyone in their own way

Most soothing and inspiring music to run to, makes every morning a good morning

Most soothing and inspiring music to run to, makes every morning a good morning

he writes incredible music

What I love about Matisyahu is that he does not follow the norm of most music artist today. He sings bout what he believes and about peace. He follows his heart and does not follow others.

i love his music, morals, and how much he gives the world through his music.

i love the way his music makes me feel! Its so soulful and peaceful,.

He is just AWESOME and so unlike everyone else !

He has paved the way for Hebrew music and mainstream. Not to mention his stuff is fantastic, he is fantastic live and despite all the trends and pressure he is true to himself

Matisyahu is the greatest Hip-Hop Light to the Nations!

I have been to four of Matis's show and everyone of them as been filled with nonstop action and excitment. Only on two occations I didnt get to speak to him and get him to sign autographs. He told me the way on how the process of conversion to Judaism goes and he talked to me, to help me out with my Jewish girlfriend.

His style

great music!

The funkiness

I love all of his Music, He speaks the truth and thats what im about. Hes such an insperation on the youth, and these days thats all its about. Keep makeing music for all of us to jam to Pce

His music inspires me.

I love the lyrics


the music

great sound

One of a kind music.

The spirituality.

The Light!

I just love his music and the passion he has for it and still is able to stay focused on what he believe in. He also helps me keep focused on God.


My boyfriend and I love matisyahu!! We blast his music in the car, at home, just about anywhere. Some of it is upbeat for fun times and some of it is calm, for relaxing times. We always sing all the words to his songs, and my boyfriend even tries to beatbox like him (he's not NEARLY as good as Matisyahu). Basically, Matisyahu is the shit. Nuff' said. =]

the old stuff

I love to look at him, makes me smile and smiles are worth a million in happiness

He's differently random.

His ability to bring something fresh and positive to the world. We need more artists like him!

Very chill, positive music. Makes me feel at one with everyone.

ive been following matis for years now and what i like about him are his awesome beats, his great lyrics, his love for god! i took my daughter to meet him and he was so nice to us. i like everything about matisyahu!


i love the way ur songs bring my heart closer to God of Abraham....Blessings...daveman


Been listening since early 2004, J Dub days...going to see him for the sixth time on Halloween, met him a few times as well as Aaron, Rob, Skoota and Jason. Everyones great! Music is great!

The beat of his music!

wonderful and amazing


His beatbox is awesome live, and just the fact that his music unites people.

Matisyahu is my new favorite artist. Since I heard his performance of "One Day" on a talk show, I've been listening to his new album "Light" on a daily basis. Thank you, Matis! =)

Matisyahu has revived a new feeling in music that touches us deeply into the innermost part of our souls. His music has us look inward and see that we are all one. That is what I LOVE about his music!!!

What's not to Love?

the love and positivity that goes into his work. he's real. i like his array of styles. you can feel the light he has thru his music. i dont think i have enough room to fully convey what it is i love.

he has a wonderful positive message,by far one of my favorites!! he chooses to leave out the violence & "hoes"

I love the message that Matisyahu sends, and especially the sound of his music. Combining hip hop beats, with a reggae sound and uplifting lyrics. It's something else.

Versitle, uplifting music.

He's got the flow w/a Torah edge :)

Matisyahu is a Chassidic music Sensation, which i think is so cool. About 4 - 5 years ago in Yeshiva(School), I heard my friend listening to him. I asked him who this guy was and he told me he is a Chabad guy( was Chabad at the time) who sings reggae. The song my friend was listening to was King With Out A Crown, which i fell in love with after hearing it. Matisyahu's music inspired me (and still does) so much, that I feel like i know him personally. I feel like I have a connection to him spiritualy. I cant write down everything in text, but sticking to the subject question, what I love about Matisyahu is that he is not like other Artists. This guy sings from his heart, and all of his songs has a spiritual meaning. I can never get tired of listening to his music. I really wish I can write more, but I just cant type it all in this message. Matisyahu, may Hashem(G-d) continue to give you the strength to sing and inspire people; the same way you inspire me.

Love the merchandise

The positive rhymes!

The feeling he puts into his songs, you can hear it, and feel his words... especially in the "At The Stubb's" album.

HIS BEARD!!!!!!!! ;)

HIS BEARD!!!!!!!! ;)

His inspiration.

Omg he's amazing and proves one can be religious and speak to a modern audience I use his music with my Sunday shul classes!


His music is mind blowing

he is got all types of music and without and foul language and inspiring songs

Other than the fact that his music is phenomenal, I like that he is able to keep all the laws of Judaism and not allow the outside world to negatively influence his faith. It shows me that Judaism does not have to be all about the rules, that you have your freedoms...

I discovered Matisyahu while living in MOntan. As a jew myself I found peace and light within his music.

His lyrics are uplifting and energizing. His love for G-d is so beautifully conveyed in his music.

he's the only jewish reggae rocker I know!

his beatboxing

Originality! Positivity! We need more positive messages being spread across the air waves. I teach and guide youth and try to teach love, respect, compassion, trust/faith, and selflessness. Matisyahu embodies those things.

His music has a positive message, in a world full of too much negativity.

Absolutely everything...Your music helped me get through my hubby being deployed in Iraq.

His uplifting spirituality, his deep devotion to God, and his beat boxing.

he is hasidic and he plays reggae and beat boxes and his music is torah based

His Beatboxing!

Jerusalem, if I forget thee,...let fire not come from my tounge... He reps the Jewish Tradtions and displays heartfelt musicianship.. Peace.

He is a powerful person he can change people with his words. His music is the best

His hip hop is the best. Great rhythm.

He is an unique combiner of all hand- and mouthproduced music! The best musicians on earth spread faith - Matisyahu definitly does!


He had the guts to go out and tell the world his songs, he's given many people good hope in themself and life.The world needed to hear what he has to say.Im very proud of his courage to enter fame. May Peace be with you bro. -the 1

The whole band

Peace, Love, Humanity, Hashem

Besides the fact that he is sooo sexy, his music makes me want to mooove

His music keeps me going, even when I feel like I can't take another step.

The massage he brings to his fans through the eye of Judaism.

He is a Yid doing What he is doing without comprimise. Yasher Koach!

His Kavenah and ability to resonate and connect with people of all religions in all parts of the world.

I love the inspiring songs, calming voice, and what he stands for.

The energy his music brings to a room

his unique sound and passion for music and religion

I love his danceable and thought-provoking music, his visible yet humble faith...can't wait to see him in December!

He's a light in a dark world. And his beats are awesome!

His music is inspirational and sounds amazing. I listen to it every day whether I am sad or happy. The lyrics have such great meaning. I just love to listen.

his outlook

I saw him in 2004 at the Hillel Leadership Retreat and so I love that I was there from so early on.

Love his spirit

his music is so awesome and beautiful, it hits the spot.

Beats, Energy, Positive message!!

His originality and beat bop skills!

I love Matisyahu's artistry. He is so talented and he is so Jew!

wookiefoot and phridom..

I love his music and his positive messages. His lyrics are deep, meaningful, and spiritual. His music helps give me hope and feel closer to God.

His music!

Free the minds of one of us, in this life what troubles us The age has come, the time is right. For him to blossom and show us light. We need to be unified, throughout history many have tried, through the misery, some have died, to rid our lives of darkness, to shed some light, many nights i ponder, no one to talk to, I turn on the sound of Matisyahu, now I have someone to talk through, Some might say, I am just a modest yahoo At the end of the day, its all the same, because of M A T I S Y A H U I love you, your music has touched my soul deeper than anything I could have ever imagined, I dream to one day be on stage with Matt Miller. God Bless!

Matisyahu's music gets inside you. It make you want to smile and experience life. Thank you Matisyahu!

Matis is the shit!

I've been following matisyahu since the beginning, and he has always impressed me with his sincerity and compassion. And of course, the music is awesome!!! Peace. Aaron

Blend of multiple genres of music Hip-Hop and Reggae specifically, along with outspoken beliefs about his own personal spirituality and religion.

diverse lyrics and content

How can I pick one thing?

Jew power for life.

Everything. His faith fits mine and he is a genius musician which I aspire to be as well.

torah vibes!

I lvoe how matisyahu is able to mesh together modern day musci and centuries-old belief. He's really cool, and an awesome performer!


Matisyahu is an inspiration to all. His voice, wisdom & music makes an impact on everyone who listens to him.

Jerusalem--best reggae song ever.


His music has reached a old school catholic school boy, too like music again.

I hope I can get to join this contest even though I'm not form USA, but Spain. What I got to say bout Matisyahu is just that his music is really powerful. His songs give me strength to go on, and the lyrics are really deep.

his love and passion


Combining jewish soul with rasta flavor, like jerk gefilte fish

The hope and unique takes on reggae. So uplifting and beautiful.

I love that Matisyahu is true to his heritage and can give hope and light to the nomadic people here in America and throughout the world. In addition, I love his performance, attitude, and overall presence here on earth!


a nice Jewish boy who demonstrates his faith on a regular basis

absolutely brilliant

First of all hes the most soulful and creative artist ever. Everything he touches turns to gold. His improvisations at a live concert are out of this world. I love the fact that he can spread positive messages with incredible music that anyone can appreciate.

style and uniqueness

I love the mans comittment to his faith. When you speak to him one on one he is a very peaceful man. when he is doing his job on stage you can feel the power of Hashem . I have been to over 20 shows and I dont even consider not going when he is in town

It is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the originality...of both the music and Matisyahu. In a day of glitz and glamor, it is wonderful that an artist with such good words has made a name for himself. I applaud his message and style! ...oh, and the guy can beatbox like no other!

Bringing Judaism, Torah, ethics and morals to the masses in a fun and non over-the-top way :)

I love his diverse sound and his ability to jam in concert, combined with the fact that he makes it "cool" to be a jew and a frum one at that

He was such a mentch to my son, in CH. Bought his very first CD years ago b4 the maddening crowd.

Matis U rock

I feel very close to Matisyahu for many reasons. I feel a spiritual conection with him through his music. His lyrics have a spiritual content because most of them come from scripture's. When I listen to his music it is a form of meditation for me. Long live the Tribes Of Israel !

He is an inspiration! My fav song of his is def king without a crown, the live version. soooo goood! i can never get sick of it and i know it word for word!! also the new song one day is amazing. i hear it on the radio and i just dance and sing. its awesome!! love the music!!!

His sincerity, honesty and true love of everything he sees, does and touches!

I love his music and that even people who aren't Jewish seem to love him!

The fact that he tweeted about DesMoines Iowa after he played 80/35 music festival in the rain.He loved us!

His music and his creative personality. And not many other artists that I have davened with....

That he is able to bring the word of the old testament to a new crowd.

The beautifully spiritual way that he incorporates biblical references into amazing beats and melodies.

the way the music speaks to me makes my whole body feel numb for a second and i just feel enlightened

the way the music speaks to me makes my whole body feel numb for a second and i just feel enlightened

I love the beats and most of all the message.

I love that he's out there spreading the love of the true God.

He has soul (Putney Swope says the Borman Six Girl is got to have soul), and I like his spiritual evolution-something good for all individuals. Would I become a baal teshuva again-I don't really know.

the Music!

I love Matisyahu because his music is inspiring. His peaceful and positive messages are changing the world. His music in invigorating. Every time I listen to his music I am energized and empowered to be the best person I can be!

His Music is good for my Heart and Soul!! Thank You!!

his voice (duh)!

The music, of course!

his beats!

His music, but most importantly the meaning all of his music promotes. It doesn't matter what race,background, or religion you are, everyone should listen to his lyrics and spread light throughout our dark world. Its so refreshing to hear his lyrics about positive things that can make a difference in out world. Its just a really nice change from a lot of negative things that other artists sing about.His music just really makes me feel good and keeps me going in a positive direction.

The soul and heart that he portrays in his music!!

His music and beard are both rockin'. :D

He is so original!

The beautiful spiritual lyrics

super great insipirational unique musician love his music

Keep rockin' for Jesus, man

He's an all around talented artist i.e., he can sing, beatbox, rap, rock, jam, kinda dance; lol. And he's a religious Jew, what could be better?

I love his music its just so powerful it puts me in just such a good mood that i feel as if I'm on top of the world.

He sings about God and the Sabbath! He knows how to get the crowd involved and really engages us in his music!

modern Judaic music is fun!

unique ethnic style

He's so unique!

i heard he has a big organ. and he sings beautiful songs.

What's not to like? Talent, energy, charisma! He puts it all out there.

What's not to like? Talent, energy, charisma! He puts it all out there.

His concerts and meaningful lyrics.


the beats

He made me love judaism again

His mic skills.

His positivity and their music are just what the people need.

EVERYTHING!! :D his music is very inspirational.

His inspirational music, his beat boxing and his beard.

Positive energy!!

Music and soul!

I love the fact that his music is so personal and you can feel the emotion that comes through each track. It is amazing.

He is so unique and constructs his songs with his lyrics, amazing beat boxing and background music beautifully. He is my favorite artist and has inspired me to get in touch with my Jewish heritage and culture.

His beats, ability to "lift up" his listeners and his honest approach to music and living.

His positive vibes

How genuine he is

His Heart for hashem.

Raw, real, poetic, blessed.

His soul.

His music.

His spirit, caring and love of life

That Bob Marley inspirational feel.

His stage persona.

Peace, love, happiness and transcendence.

He's one righteous, rockin' Yid! Irie!

the muzak

He's a down to earth guy who played along when my 1 year old granddaughter blew him kisses.

the music and the faith

The love for the world......

How sexy he is

His hair and his beats.

I love Matisyahu's message of peace and love, all on top of solid reggae grooves!

live shows rock

I love that Matisyahu sings about spiritual themes, that I as a Christian can relate to. Thanks.


I love his spiritually elevating messages!

His love of Hashem in his music!

His beard

I love how the music is unique!

The wonderful energy, the words/meaning. so much.

EVERYTHING! I've always loved Reggae music and I love being Jewish and seeing that Matisyahu can succeed commercially with his positive Jewish message.

His music helped me through a seriously hard time in my life. I never lost my connection to my spirit and Matisyahu was an important reminder to stay connected. THANK YOU MATISYAHU. Peace to you.

He brings all ages and faiths together.

4 years ago i was a drug addict and had been for long time. with Gods help and matisyahu,s music "live at stubs" i left it all behind over the period of one night, cold turkey. I thank God and matisyahu for this

The honesty and spirituality that transcends religious boundaries.

I love how his messages of peace and love come from his deep passion for his Jewish faith, but they also resonate in all religions and ideologies because peace and love are divine gifts that transcend anything that is a product of man.

ba'al Teshuvah

The Lyrics and amazing melodies!

Of course it has to be the music!

His music

What's not to love?!? His music is the main's's gotten me through some really tough times!

he seems like he's himself- and i feel like he's ok with everyone around him being themselves too- which makes him pretty awesome in my book.

Great music - bringing a revival of reggae music, coupled with the message of HaShem

His unique sound, which is reggae-infused!

I love the message of peace and unity in his music.

I love his religious values.

His amazing voice and spirituality :)

As my daughter calls him... "Little Matisyahu"

I love his music beats.

His message, his presence, his energy.

His spirit of wisdom and truth from HaShem that leads him to write and bless others. He gots skills, baby!

The way he combines traditional spirituality with fresh reggae music. He's inspirational.

the truth in his songs his love for the torah andYah

his undying love of what he does!

Absolutely everything! I have seen him live twice and he is currently, by far my favorite artist.

As a spiritual/religious person it is hard to find really great music with a spiritual/religious message. I mean it's really, really great music and he never waters down his message to gain more fame or fans.

He's making a difference. At least he has for me!


the spirit of his lyrics and soulfulness of his sound

He is full of spiritual potency.

His connection to the spirituality is very clear in him music. It gives it a quality and an honesty that is moving.

Authenticity, integrity and soul of a champion.

My friends and I love it all; the beat, the message, and the outfit! Thanks for the music, Matisyahu!


Best music that my children and I listen together.

"one day" is one of the best songs to date I think it is more inspirational than john lennon "imagine"

What other "white guy" has such a grip on raggae? And, what other musicians sings of Jewish themes so uniquely. Plus, I saw the first Festival of Light concert here in NYC with the Wailers & it was one of the greatest concert experiences EVER!

the tight flows and good message

keeps it real!

the soulful, life lyrics

lyrics riddim spirituality sound irieness


The message in his music.

I will be Light

His beard!

His music hits your soul.

His F.A.T (Faith. Attitude. & Tikkun)

unique, cool, great guy.



That he is getting the Jewish youth to realise they are just as cool as the rest of the world!

The music of course. (btw, I did not love the terrible sound quality at the Commodore Ballroom :( )


Ive always loved his music, but ive been deployed in afghanistan for the last year. His music has helped me through some tough times. Incredibly uplifting I must say.

I'm a Puerto rican kid from the worlds bario, And I am so utterly impressed at Matisyahu's Skillz, and message. Amazing big ups!!!!

Humility is upon him...which is rare these days, especially when it comes to people who are in the public eye.

Lyrics and beat box

the depth of his lyrics and the variety of how he presents it all musically

The originality, the lyrics, The instumental arrangements

The hope in his songs. The joy there is at Matisyahu concerts.

I love the thought-provoking lyrics with great, catchy tunes. I love that the songs combine more traditional sounds with modern tempos and beats.

As a reggae loving Jew I always loved Bob Marley and always regretted being to young to ever have seen him preach peace on a stage...I feel I have that honor now while I watch a man try and bring people together through song...when I was called to light the Menorah with him 3 years ago I almost melted like the candles...he is powerful...

I love his encouraging and genious lyrics! Also in concert he puts on such a great show. I saw him last November in concert and it was epic!

His music, the meaning, the lyrics, I can play his music and feel good about it, his beats and rhymes are amazing, his live performances are 2nd to none.

Matis is an inspiration. When he sings I feel he makes a connection with my soul. There is no other like him.

Their fresh

The message is sending out! He shows us that it is possible to live in a modern society and stay true to our Faith... And the vibe in concert!!

musica pacifica !!!

Everything!! Greatest tunes - lyrics, style and crazy talent!! Love his ability to go from free flow to harmonic psalms to beatboxing, all within moments. Spiritual Judaism and amazing beats and sound come together!! His lyrics are incredibly meaningful and really speak to the listener.

What I love about Matisyahu is that his music has true soul, it is like a universal voice of peace. When I listen I feel good and I feel like I want to spread his message peace and love. I love how even trough his fame and his music career he has staid true to his faith. He really is a great inspiration to me and I feel that if there were more people like him the world would be a much better place.

His moving lyrics. One Day is amazing.

His passion

so different and so good



the music, the spirit

innovative performance permeating people's life, bringing back lost souls

His openness in this not always semetic world.

Hi rightousness,message,& energy!

Matisyahu came to me at a time when I was only listening to pop music. I can hardly explain why I like him but I know that every time I listen to his music I feel happy and I'm smiling. I am now an avid follower and am so pleased to have found him.

his passion

His music never fails to leave me feeling positive.

everything, especially his amazing positive energy!!!!! seeing him perform in person is a blessing!

His words come from the heart and touch my soul.

I love his confidence.

I love that Matisyahu stays ture to who he is and what he believes.

He's genuine & a refreshingly positive soul. God Bless.

I LOVE that he's real about his devotion to GOD and doesn't compromise his integrity.

He speaks positive words!

his style, bit boxing , new type of music at list for me, new cd light it is awesome

Not only do I love his groove and reggae music, but I admire him for his religious devotion.

i love his lyrics and passion

HIs fearlessness to blend different types of music styles!

Saw him in concert twice in the last few months and he has changed my life!!

what is there not to love? His expression of faith, his music makes me believe in the good side of humanity. Dead sexy too.

his lyrics!

I Love his Style & Music!!It would very cool to meet him.

yi-gee, yi-gee, yoooo

he is a jewdasciouse man !!

I love his music. He's the best singer for me. I'm fond of Matisyahu.

the lyrics!

That he is an very special jewish singer, who brings our prophecy to the faithless people. And that he knowยดs how to be light in the future. Or. If you know someone Matthew , who is more powerful than Elohim, invite him. If not just call Bar Nafli: 004917660827204. Schabbat Schalom

the faith, the clarity of vision, and the ability to do reggee with out seeming gimicy.

Hi positive vibe and beat box.


Reggae; rapped jewish identity, scripture songs;


He has shown me a greater amount of love of hashem.

Connection to my Judaism:)

Matisyahus' music is fresh and exciting. With much negative music out there it is refreshing to have an artist like him around. Even my two year old son wals around the house singing So High, So Low. Thanks for a chance to win a great prize!

Just love his groove

His spirit

Everything - especially the way his music makes me feel

I understand the soul language of matisyahu


cool beard

i'm diggin' the hat

music about something other than bitches and hoes

His music touches my soul.

His music is peaceful and inspirational. Every time I listen to the music it puts me in the best mood. His shows are the best I have ever been too!

Having met Matis shortly in the past, his words, advise, and wisdom are all so very powerful. I'm in a situation similar to the one he was in before becoming observant. I would only hope that I would be chosen as the winner as this experience would not only be more meaningful and remember-able for me, but it would also be an enlightening, awesome experience. The best question I got to ask Matis was before Phish had alreay reunited at Hampton in March, and I asked him both if he was aware/interested in Phish's reuniting, and more importantly when Phish was opening for him.

Fan of all "world" musica, reggae, latino, pop... I love all music with a hook.

his music!!!!!


Matisyahu's music has helped me through hard times in my life. I got to meet him three years ago before moving to Israel, and listen to him every day while I work towards my chance to get back there.

His style along with his representation of the Jewish people to mainstream music.

He's hott! and his music is good too.

He music is AWESOME!

He's so dreamy

I love his melodies about ancient times. He modernizes religion and makes positive beats that inspire me to be a better person and to live my life in such a way that I am an example to others. He is like a modern day prophet.

Lyrics - He's a living example of a Baale Shuva

The beat boxing

He's so real and humble

Love the music, love the message!

He's like me: unique. His ability to blend hip-hop and reggae produces a sound unparralled in the music world. And his recent collaboration with The Crystal Method leaves me speechless and wanting more.

his crazy dancing

free spirit

The wonderfully positive and uplifting messages within his songs.

He is my man. Its good to see a jewish musician keep it real and be true to his people. Plus he is so talented.

i love his devotion, his music, his soul.

What first caught my attention was his reggae sound. Also, I live in the south, so finally having some JEWISH music to blare out my car windows is a real pressure relief valve for me. These southeastern goyum are bonafide chuchamim b'lyla, let me tell you! In small doses, they're amusing. Beyond that, oy.

His Beard

Originality, the beats

I love how pure and spiritual his music is. His music puts me in a good place.

He is a genuine seeker that desires to make an impact, living a life of consistency and dedication. And his grooves are awesome.

The fact that he stays true to himself and beliefs!

the way his music conects me to G~D

Matisyahu's music has over time changed how I look at life, and the things in it. I feel like I have found a new outlook. And it all started with the song Warrior

how he is inspiring and creates powerful and uplifting songs to all faiths.

I love his refreshing spin on the regular music scene and his inspirational lyrics

The words/message of his songs and the way he mixes reggae beats with traditional Jewish rhythms.

His music makes me have hope for all of the good days that I have yet to see.


he was put on this planet to speak his mind in song with crazy raps and awesome melodies. just incredible. jah love

He shares his light with everyone.

He shares his light with everyone.

he was put on this planet to speak his mind in song with crazy raps and awesome melodies. just incredible. jah love

his voice

His Prophetic Edge!

That he's a Tzaddik!!

Love his music and his connection to g-d

I love the words that come from his heart. Nobody expresses it better

The message, the groove, the dancing!

He sends a great message with awesome music.

His lyrics are so emotional they sometimes bring me to tears.

devotional tone, integrity, beauty of his music

He is so spiritual its incredible. His music soothes my soul! He shows emotion and passion when he performs. I absolutely love his music and him because he is a very talented man with a great family :)

The music just feels so good.

He is the most inspirational musician out there. He puts a smile on my face every time I listen to him!!!!

He is just such an amazing fella. His music always moves me and I feel like I'm part of something special when I get to see him live...

who is matisyahu?

Great music....loves to bounce around the stage in live to watch......

How down to Earth Matisyahu is, yet also how he is above us all in his knowledge of what he wants in this world. The music makes you think about what's really happening, beyond money and celebrity gossip. Matisyahu is an extremely powerful person and I can only hope that more people will be affected by his music so positively. I adore Matisyahu!

I love everything about Matisyahu's music.

The awesome music!!

I have never witnessed a more passionate live musical experience in my life.

they rock

love the grooves

His faith and love of Hashem

Five words: be-be-be-beda-beatboxing

His music inspires. Matisyahu is my heart. I can't help but smile when I hear any of his songs.

I love the sound of his music, and I love what he stands for, and the fact that he has a good influence on our youth.

I believe that Matisyahu is providing music for our generation that we can actually be proud to let our future children listen to. My parents had me listen to their generations music of Rock and Funk, I will have few artists to show my future children because so many artist are focused on profanity, sex, and violence, among the few artist I will show my Children, Matisyahu will be the top!

One incredible inspirational singer

He is the new bob Marley!

The message of good will & hope

I love his meaningful lyrics, universal message, and sick beats.

I like his hats

Well it all started about 2 years ago when I got a chance to meet him in Boise, being the fan that I am, I got to dance on stage with him and of course then wait for him in the back and get to talk to him and the band and get autographs. It was a life changing experience. You ended up giving us free tickets to the next show in Portland Or. which was in 24 hours, we made the 8 hour drive home and then the 6 hour drive to portland. Sense then I have seen you again in Boise this last June. I also love the new cd my sons 5 and is singing the one day song at his school talent show. I also love how he keeps me position and strong about life. Thanks matis love kacey

The beard, of course.


I love spirited Jew music with a good beat and a conscience!

like the sound and the positive vibes/enegy


He signs about issues no other main stream muscian does.

He loves music and he loves God. There's nothing else that matters.

Uplifting and wonderful music

Because of all the Jews in my generation, he is the one who truly has the opportunity to spread the Jewish message of a Torah of love and light to the most people on this sometimes-dark planet.

Slick reggae beats mixed with praise to Hashem. Raise me up.

combing yiddishkeit and phat beats into a lyrical ensemble.

The way my developmentaly delayed son responds to his music

he keeps it real! Met him quietly on Thayer Street here at Brown University

He's an awesome composer/singer...etc... and a gr8 guy u can learn a lot from :) Gr8 to have on the block!

i live on the left coast and have followed matis since before he became well known. i was touched by the process he went thru, his willingness to immerse himself in study and let go until he was ready to integrate what i knew would be an amazing musical career, but also marry, and maintain his spiritual dignity. i came from a jewish family where i was not allowed to say i was a jew and it took me years to find my way back to anything jewish and even went thru a conversion ceremony because of missing so much having been forced to not claim my jewish heritage. i lived in an abusive home, physical and more invasive abuse...i later married, had children and went to school to became a psychologist working with peoples who were prostituted as children and teens- up to late sixties; worked with raped and battered children and began a non-profit that functions on limited funds but helps many. matis music soothes me after a day of teaching a john school, testifying in court on a child rape case, or doing a middle of the night run with guns on board to pull a child/man/woman/teen away from the grips of a pimp. matis blares from my car stero centering my heart as i follow the path my g-d led me to. i went to see matis in portland, or where i live.. and was bummed as in a wheel chair was totally unable to move around to try and get good view and people were spilling drinks of all kinds on me as they bumped past my chair. my husband had helped me get to the concert as the last time matis was here i'd given tickets away due to being in hospital on day of concert. got free cookies and a stranger got to take his wife for their 2nd anniversary gift. he was so grateful. matis music is played in our non-profit where people who've been prostituted are trying to get out of the life, or have gotten out but need a therapist.