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    To quote the cover of Jewish Living Magazine this month: Tu B'shwhat?Tu B'shevat literally means the "15th of Shevat" the Hebrew month which falls in the common calendar's January to early February. But Tu B'shevat is considered the Jewish New Year of Trees. Trees are extremely important in Judaism: trees are used metaphorically to consider G-d and life in Judaism and the planting of trees is holy. Combine that with the very modern importance of reclaiming the baron desert of Israel through planting trees, and it's easy to see why...

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    Week One: I've gained five pounds and am developing carpal tunnel.The game is selling gangbuster-ly. People are ordering multiple copies which makes our hearts sing. So thank you readers + shoppers (I know you are there even if you don't comment!)Last night we did a photoshoot trying to come up with ad content for a new magazine coming out this November: Jewish Living. It's not for most of you Heebsters, I don't imagine. But it looks like it will be a great mag for young women with families. The magazine...