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From resabi's article on Funny 10 Plagues Gifts for Passover

"A more disturbing version of the chocolate Plagues is sometimes available -- I was able to nab a box last year. Among the "treats" was a round, red blob with a white, pustulent-looking center. Clearly, this is the plague of BOILs [no, really, you take it. I insist.]. Fortunately, there's no oozy center. Also included: a baby basket (mercifully, no baby is visible), a frog, and a huge locust. Makes the slab of white chocolate tastefully decorated with blood-red drops seem almost appetizing... I feel unable to comment on the chocolate "Happy Passover" plaque in the center." 

Chocolate is parve (no dairy) and certified kosher by Kosher Miami (KDM).

Disturbing 10 Plagues Candy Box

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