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  • Crime Scene Silicone Trivet

    Crime Scene Silicone Trivet is the perfect give for all your crime-drama-lovin friends and family. Just as the white chalk marks the spot, let Crime Scene mark the start of your culinary investigations. By Israeli designer Shahar Peleg. The silicone...


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  • Frog Silicone Molds for Ice, Chocolate and More

    Sip your favorite drink through frogs. Put the included straws in the mold then cover with water and freeze to get a shiny frog stir-straw! The mold is made of food-safe silicone, is dishwasher and freezer safe, and can be...


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  • Jewish Silicone Trivets - Star of David or Dreidel

    Two uses for the price of one! This silicone trivet is heat resistant and can also be used as a pot holder. Easy to clean, wash with warm soap and water. Measures approximately 7" in diameter. Hand wash. Air dry....


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  • Deluxe Silicone Honey Dripper

    Drizzle honey on everything from your French toast to your Matzoh Brei. Functional for the kitchen, fancy enough to display at the holiday table. SIZE: 6 3/4" long.


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  • Heart Silicone Spatula

    Give this spatula to the one who never forgets to add her "secret" ingredient. The stainless steel handle is engraved with, "Made with Love" and finished with a big red heart. The high-quality silicone is dishwasher safe and makes for...


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  • Star of David Silicone Coasters / Drip Mat

    Made from hand silk-screened, non-toxic silicone, the Modern-Twist coasters have a gentle Star of David graphic. They are wonderful as coasters, of course, but also great to put under Shabbat candlesticks to catch drips, and as spoon rests in the...


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  • Modern Twist - The Tree of Us - Silicone Coasters

    Used as coasters, place cards, for wine-tasting notes, to doodle while you imbibe, or simply jotting down messages next to your phone, Coaster Notz are made of non-toxic silicone. They can be personalized time and again using a ballpoint pen....


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  • Menorah Silicone Latke Flipper

    This cute spatula is a great gift for the aspiring kitchenista (or kitchenisto) in your kid. And what better way to make latkes than with a menorah? SIZE: 11.5" l x 4" w x 3" h


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  • Royal Challah Baking Pan - Great for Gluten-Free Challah

    Holla for challah! Made of silicone, the Royal Challah Silicone Baking Pan is easy to use! Fill it with your dough, let it rise, bake it, and voila! The perfect challah just in time, every time. SIZE: Large: 13" long...

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  • Dreidel Cupcake and Muffin Pan

    Two-for-one is far more fun! Neither here nor there, this shaped silicone pan is a jack of all trades! It makes cupcakes or muffins depending on your taste. Makes six pastries per batch. SIZE: 7" wide x 10" long.


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