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Perfect for sukkah decorations, Hanukkah, weddings, bar or bat mitzvah: Whenever we'd see paper star lanterns we'd wish they'd make them with six points! At last -- six pointed star lanterns that will light up your Hanukkah party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah party, or sukkah. They are beautiful with or without electric lamps inside.

As seen in: the Los Angeles Times and Time Out New York Hanukkah Guide. Made in Israel.

SOLD in SINGLES -- Each Lantern is 9" in diameter.

- Each lantern is 9" in diameter (which is pretty large -- these are not small little lanterns).

  • They are sold as singles
  • There is an opening in the back of the lantern to insert a light, but lights are not included
  • You can hang and use with or without lights.  The lanterns have a string with which to hang them.
  • The string of lanterns pictured are several lanterns tied to a string of lights.

Instructions for opening:

Here are the directions
1.  Put the palm of your right hand into the "pocket" with the external black velcro and the palm of your left hand into the "pocket" with the internal velcro.

2.  Open tenderly with all your fingers, the center of the lampshade to the sides until the lampshade spreads and gets its full volume.

3.  Attach the external black velcro to the internal black velcro.

4.  Thread the electric cable with the light bulb (max 60 watts) to the lampshade and tie the string that starts at the upper point of the Magen David.

After use, in order to fold the lampshade you have to hold the velcro and the paper of the lampshade and disconnect the velcro.  Fold tenderly.


Leaves the warehouse in 1-2 business days.

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