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Passover, one of the Jewish religions three major festivals based on the Book of Exodus from Torah, is also sometimes called the "Spring Festival" because, according to the Jewish calendar, Passover arrives in late March or April.. Besides the spring flowers of iris and tulips, a robin redbreast bird also announces the spring season. Behind a large cup filled with wine for Elijah that is placed on the Seder table in case the prophet should appear that evening, there is a piece of Matzah, the unleavened bread eaten during Passover, to remind one of that time in history, when Jews, who were slaves, had to leave Egypt quickly, and did not have time to make their bread with yeast.

Hand signed print of an original paper collage. SIZE: 11'' x 14''.

Spring Festival by Flora Rosefsky by Flora Rosefsky - ModernTribe

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