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This simply elegant kiddush cup will help you to cherish your wedding memories. After you break your wedding glass beneath the chuppah, keep the shards! They will be preserved in the stem of this magnificent Kiddush cup as a reminder of this day. The color of your cup will match the color of your shards.

Or if you are preserving your glass shards in another piece of art, order a coordinating Kiddush cup!

SIZE: 8.5" High x 2.75" Wide x 2.75" Diameter.


Personalized English Engraving on a Beveled Base: 2 Lines of Engraving, Max 20 Characters Per Line OR No


    • English Engraving (Max 2 Lines; 20 Characters Per Line)
    • Color of English Engraving: Silver, Frost, or Gold if ordering a base.
    • Hebrew on the Cup: "Ani L Dodi, v' Dodi Li" (I am my beloved's, my beloved is mine), "Boray Pre HaGafen" (Who created the fruit of the vine), or None
    • Color of Hebrew Engraving: Silver, Frost, or Gold on cup.

Order a beveled circular base that includes two lines of personalized engraving - bride and groom\'s first names and wedding date only - for $30.00. (20 characters per line maximum) English lettering only. Engraving on base is available in gold, silver or frost. Please check the box for the base and specify text (bride and groom\'s first names and wedding date only.) and engraving color below. 

If you are ordering this as a gift, we will send instructions to the recipient for returning the broken glass. If your glass is already broken please note on the order that you will be sending the broken glass now. It takes 16 to 24 weeks for completion of these custom orders. This item is charged when the original order is placed.

Ships in 16 - 24 Weeks.

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