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The reflection of the machine cut stainless steel in the chrome disc renders an image of a traditional Chanukia. Includes the wicks, wick holders, and glass cups for oil. Use olive oil or candle oil. Designed and Made in Israel by Shahar Peleg. Absolutely clever, modern, and cool. Breathtaking when lit!

Takes size #9, straight glasses (included) and wicks with discs (included). Click "more" to see how to light the Reflective Menorah.

How to light your Reflective Menorah

- Set up the base with the reflector.  The reflector is a bendable piece of chrome.  Pinch it slightly and slip it into the holder. 

- Place the glass vials into the base.  Set the metal washer underneath the center vial to raise it up slightly to be the Shamash.

- Fill each vial with half water, then half oil. Use olive oil or candle oil.

- Place 9 wicks in 9 discs. 

- Hold each wick and drop it into the vial. The discs should float on top of the oil.  If a disc sinks, remove it and replace it with a new disc and wick.

- Light the wicks, beginning with the Shamash.

Leaves the warehouse in 1-2 business days.

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