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Don't let the kitschy covers fool you: these Jewish-themed journals are chock full of essays, fiction, reporting, photographs and curiosities that are funny, sometimes irreverent, but also deep, intelligent, and fascinating. Introduce yourself to Guilt & Pleasure with this four issue collection: The newest issue: Death Issue (Winter 2008), The Sound Issue (Fall 2007), The Healthy Issue (Summer 2007), and The Big Issue (Spring 2007).


"Guilt & Pleasure is based on the belief that a good argument especially on issues of community and identity in America has become too rare a thing. We hope our magazine and the DIY section of this website will be used as raw material to spark conversation be it around the dinner table, a coffee shop, or a bar. Guilt & Pleasure encourages you to talk amongst yourselves."

Introduction to Guilt & Pleasure - Four Issue Set by Other - ModernTribe

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