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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Barbara S.
    Feeling Cheated

    I purchased one of the Purim gift boxes (for over $40 including shipping - the box and its contents cost $36). All I received was a bag of chips (fairly good sized - it was caramel-covered puffed corn), two chocolate-covered peanut butter cups, a small bag of chocolate-covered almonds, two "suckers" - not even lollipops, three very small chocolates, some jelly beans, and two small packaged "pastries." It was nothing great at all. I feel that I've been ripped off.

    William S.
    Purim Gift Basket

    Shipped to friend. She was delighted. Granted, I did not have to do anything except order online but given the circumstances that aspect was transcended.

    Thank you, William!

    Fun Gift

    This was a fun gift for the recipient and giver.

    Thank you so much for your review!

    Sarah R.
    A Beautiful Idea!

    What a great idea to share the Purim mitzvah of mishloach manot - giving a gift and then a second gift to give to others. So many Jews have forgotten this lovely mitzvah. I hope this unique gift box will teach people about the mitzvah!