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    More about Savannah Bee Company

    Ted Dennard is the founder, president and head beekeeper of Savannah Bee Company. Growing up in Coastal Georgia, Ted’s journey into the magical world of bees and honey was sparked by an elderly beekeeper, Roy Hightower, who believed in beekeeping as a way of life. Ted’s passion hasn’t waned a bit, even after 35 years. Ted backed into business in 1999 when his friend opened a store in Savannah and began selling his Tupelo Honey. Three years later, Savannah Bee Company was officially born. Today, Ted remains dedicated to sharing the world of bees with others and introducing new honeybee products to market. He loves his family and surfs when he can.

    Customer Reviews

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    savannah bee mini-honeycomb

    i purchased this as a b'day (90th) gift for my my mom, and do believe that i received your last one!! her b'day is not until the 29th, but i'm sure she will love it. thanks a bunch.

    Delicious! It barely made it through the first night!

    Fresh and tasty. A sweet way to bring in the new year!