Micrography Pomegranate Print

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Micrography - also called micro-calligraphy - consists of minute letters, usually in Hebrew, written in a manner to form an image, whether geometric, abstract, or representational. It is an art form invented in the 9th century by Jewish artists, although the form has expanded to Muslim, Christian and secular communities over the centuries. Traditional micrography is made with black ink, but Rae Antonoff works in color to breathe vibrancy and life into the subjects of her art.

The text in this beautiful print is Psalms 1-18.

Pomegranates are highly symbolic fruits in Judaism. Their plethora of seeds makes them a symbol of fertility and plenty. The rabbis claim that the average fully-ripe pomegranate has 613 seeds the same number of commandments found in the Torah. Some scholars have written that the pomegranate was the "forbidden fruit" eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

SIZE: print size 11" x 14", unframed, signed and numbered.