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Any Hanukkah illustration would have a Hanukkiah, the special nine branch Menorah used for this particular Jewish holiday. One candle, the Shamas which stands a little taller, is the working candle that lights the others. Latkes, or fried potato pancakes, are a delicious staple of holiday food, to be eaten with cool sour cream or sweet applesauce. Fried in oil, they remind one of the story of Hanukkah handed down from generation to generation, of how a cruse of oil needed for the holy Temple lasted eight days instead of just one. After the holiday meal, children often play the game of Dreidel spinning tops for prizes of pennies or small candies. Hebrew letters on the sides of the Dreidel stand in for the phrase, "A miracle happened there."

Hand signed print of an original paper collage. SIZE: 11'' x 14''.

Menorah & Latkes Art Print by Flora Rosefsky by Flora Rosefsky - ModernTribe

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