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What's inside a mezuzah? What should you do if you drop your matzoh ball on the ground? Who's the man we love to boo? The Macaroons address these important questions on their delicious debut album, Let's Go Coconuts.

The Macaroons love big harmonies, irresistible melodies and a guitar-based sound that recalls everything from the Kinks to Queen to the Shins. A spin-off of the critically acclaimed band, The LeeVees, the Macaroons bring the catchy pop-rock with tunes like "Hurry Up And Light The Candle" and "Mezuzah." Super-fun music for the young ones that parents will love too.

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Magic Tallis Ride

Apples and Honey

Dreidel Bird

Matzoh Ball (Don\'t Kick It)

Shabbos Morning

Haman! Boo!

Billy Bagel

Elijah Seder Plate

Flying on Matzoh Brei

Rock & Roll Yarmulke

Hurry Up and Light the Candles

Haman! Boo!

Maroon Macaroon

Shabbat Lullaby Go To Sleep

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Macaroons CD For Kids! Let's Go Coconuts! by JDub - ModernTribe

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