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    Yar har!

    The perfect unique fusion for a skull lover or pirate aficionado of the tribe. It's a great design twist that's lightweight and so much fun to wear. My only complaint is that the pendant tends to flip itself around to the other side while wearing it, but since the design is only on one side it turns it into a regular Star of David when this happens. No biggy. Probably with wear and some teasing to the cord it'll do it less, but it impedes one's ability to flaunt the design a bit.

    Pirate Necklace

    I love this necklace. I am female, by the way. I have one for me and another that I put on my dog's collar. My only complaint is that the rope keeps braking on mine and the metal keeps breaking on the one for my dog, so I have had to replace the necklaces several times. I know that it is not meant for a dog's collar so I understand. Still very cool and I get tons of compliments.

    Rebecca G.
    Pirate Star of David

    I absolutely love it.