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Unrequited love stories? Check. Drunken dances? Check. Warnings to future sons-in-law? Check. Dysfunctional families forcing kids to sell bagels on the street? Fresh Off Boat has 'em all. And they may often be in Yiddish (or Russian or French), but when Golem wails that the rent is too high, everybody understands.

"Stellar! A wild edgy approach with a reverence for Old World tradition." -The New Yorker

Fresh Off Boat features Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls, Mike Gordon of Phish, and Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith).

Fronted by Annette Ezekiel, Golem\'s sound evokes wisps of old-world elegance filtered through the successes and disappointments of new-world dreams. Spending nights in Lower East Side immigrant-owned bagel shops and summers in Eastern Europe, Annette collects Jewish, Gypsy, and Slavic folk songs, adding, editing, and rearranging them along the way. These are the songs to which her Eastern European grandparents danced over a century ago, and now Golem has its unwrinkled fans moshing to the same pulsing beats.

1. Ushti Baba
2 Mazel
3 Bublichki
4 Klezmerke
5 Warsaw Is Khelm
6 School Of Dance
7 Charlatan-Ka
8 The Rent
9 Mazurka
10 Golem Hora
11 Stick It!
12 Czardas
13 Le Mariage

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Golem: Fresh Off The Boat CD by JDub - ModernTribe

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