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"Hauntingly lovely." -LA Weekly

Inspired by storyteller-songwriters such as Leonard Cohen and Joanna Newsom, Alicia Jo Rabins Girls In Trouble creates first-person songs based on obscure stories of Biblical women, investigating the hidden places where their complicated lives overlap with hers.

On her new album, Half You Half Me (JDUB Records), available May 17, 2011, Rabins retains the emotional vulnerability and poetic focus of Girls in Trouble's self-titled debut while broadening the band's sound into eclectic, atmospheric landscapes.

Alicia Jo Rabins is a Brooklyn- based poet, songwriter, biblical scholar and violinist. Girls in Trouble began as a way to get out of writing her masters thesis and developed into a full band that has toured together across America and Europe. Alicia wrote Half You Half Me on an acoustic guitar in the tiny apartment she shares with husband/bassist Aaron Hartman (Old Time Relijun, K Records), who helped transform the album\'s songs into their full gorgeousness: intimate vocals surrounded by electric guitars, big drums, analog synths, and Alicia\'s intricate violin arrangements.

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Girls in Trouble - Half You Half Me - CD by JDub - ModernTribe

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