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Reboot Stereophonic Records unearths lost Jewish music found languishing in thrift-store crates across the nation.

One of their finest rediscoveries is this 1959 lost classic Folk Songs for Far Out Folk by Jazz Innovator Fred Katz who also wrote the original score to Little Shop of Horrors.

Katz believed that jazz was born from "the roots of the people." The roots he explores in this album are American, Hebrew, and African, all reinterpreted by Katz for jazz orchestras. The Hebrew folk songs speak to Katz's own roots as the Brooklyn-born son of a kabbalist and communist dentist.

"I'm open to anything," Katz says, "except music that's played badly." As such, he has agreed to release.جخج‌جخجصthrough Reboot Stereophonic.جخج‌جخجصsome music played quite well: Folk Songs for Far Out Folk.
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