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The "breakable" menorah is a spectacular concept from Israeli design house Studio Kahn. You actually break it to make it and then can use it forever. On each day of Hanukkah the owner snaps one candle-holder and places it in the hole above it for the Hanukkah candle. Only then is it possible to light the menorah. On the eighth day, all of the candle-holders have been "picked" and planted. The menorah looks beautiful before and after breaking (we have one and have tested it). Use it year-after-year in its "planted" state. Handmade in the artists' Jerusalem Studio. SIZE: 12.5" x 5.5".

The breaking and setting can symbolize many things: the picking and planting of the gardening and cultivating life. The breaking and construction could also be in memory of the destruction and rebuilding of The Temple. Also, Hanukkah means "to dedicate" and remember during this holiday we are celebrating the re-dedication of the desecrated Temple; during the eight days of Hanukkah the menorah is built up and re-created step by step.

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