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Chock full of Yiddish, Cholent the Game! is a family-friendly card game for 2-5 players, ages 8+. Players compete to finish their secret Cholent (traditional stew) recipes by obtaining the ingredients they need, such as potatoes, meat and spices. Successful players will outguess and outbid the big machers (big shots) with clever use of their Gelt Cards (coins) and Chevra Cards (friends).

  • Slow-cooking, fast-moving family card game
  • 2-5 Player game
  • 20-30 Minutes per game
  • Family-friendly fun for ages 8 and above

Cholent is a delicious, piping-hot stew eaten by Jewish people all over the world, typically on the Sabbath. The tradition has produced thousands of unique cholent recipes, many of them going back generations.

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