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Wearing an "evil eye" is good luck, thought to be a talisman, returning a malicious gaze and sending it back to the gazer.

Regina Allen's Evil Eye silver necklace is a 20.5" sterling silver chain with an enameled, 3/4" sterling evil eye pendant and glass beads with a sterling silver clasp. The drop of the pendant is 1.75" from the necklace's chain to the bottom of the charm. One of a kind.

Giving someone the evil eye, in Jewish tradition as well as many others, is the superstition that people may look at you with envy and may jinx you and bring you bad luck. A Yiddish exclamation, Keyn aynhoreh! (also spelled Kein ayin hara), means "No evil eye!" and is said by my mother after speaking of something positive (it's used like "knock on wood.")

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