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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Marsha K.
    Having fun with Yiddish

    I bought Yiddish Word Magnets for my adult son. He immediately put the whole set on his refrigerator and invites all guests to his apartment to try to make sentences out of these Yiddish words. Lots of laughs & a growing appreciation for this time- honored language!

    Marsha F.
    A big hit

    What do you add to the Christmas gift pile for a non-Jewish boyfriend who is really, really motivated? Yiddish word magnets of course.

    Great hostess gift

    This is lots of fun. Got this as a hostess gift for Rosh Ha Shana and it was a hit.

    Rebecca T.
    Fun Stuff

    I purchase the beeswax menorah candles as I much prefer beeswax in a menorah as it comes out much easier with my Bubbe's trick that does not ruin the menorah with scratching and digging. Plus a great honey comb design and natural color. As Yiddish is my first language I bought the magnetic set for my refrigerator and it's a lot of fun and the vocabulary used is easily understandable if your grandparents or their neighbors spoke Yiddish. Very amusing to say the least...just needs an expansion pack, nu?

    Jennifer W.
    Great learning tool!

    My husband and I leave little messages to each other on the fridge. It’s a great way to learn the actual meaning of words we grew up hearing, and sheds some light on the words our parents used when they didn’t want us to know what they were saying!