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    More about Alef Bet

    In 1996, Paula started Alef Bet Jewelry to disrupt the boring, dated Jewish jewelry that was on the market at the time. Empowered by the constant request of customers to create more and more designs of modern jewelry with a religious and spiritual feel, while maintaining a modern and fashionable look, she set out to fulfill your request. Today, Paula is joined by her daughter, Alissa and the two are inspired by current jewelry trends, but with a twist.   

    The designs have to touch your soul, create a personal story, or show your faith all without compromising style and quality.

    With jewelry durable enough to wear every day, there is no reason not to add a piece Alef Bet jewelry to your current line of accessories. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Miriam T.
    Love the design but very delicate

    I really
    Loved the necklace. Wore it
    Times and one small
    Tug while taking a shirt off And it ripped. It’s
    Currently being fixed and I have no
    Clue what it will cost. It is delicate. Guess I was
    Hoping it was
    Bit stronger

    Ryan S.

    Amazing necklace. My wife gets so many comments on how nice it looks!

    Jeffrey H.

    Great necklace.

    Reid C.

    I love it

    Maureen K.
    Sterling Magen David love necklace

    So pretty and simple and elegant. I wear it with my Canadian diamond maple leaf and feel so happy I purchased this item. Thank you very much. I wear it always.