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    More about Copa Judaica

    Copa Judaica is a collection of Judaica products from artists worldwide.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Laurie K.
    The BEST!!!

    Just love ModernTribe dog toys!!! And everything else you sell too!!!!

    Renee K.
    Adorable idea - but didn’t hold up.

    Adorable… but my grand pup tore it to the point the stuffing was coming out all over the place in an hour.

    Had to clean up the stuffing and throw out the toy to avoid possible choking.

    Hesitate to try another.

    Talissa C.
    Partner thought it was an ornament, which is even funnier.

    The dog seems disinterested but *I* love it! My partner immediately put it on the tree because it has a little loop and I didn't have the heart to correct him. Excellent multi-use toy.

    Elisse C.
    Great fun, dog toy for Hanukkah- or any time!

    The dogs are enjoying their Hanukkah presents: this squeaky bagel toy and the squeaky dreidle toy!