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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Biggs F.
    5 stars for the 10 plague coasters

    Everyone around our table, from 8 to 89, enjoyed this new addition to our Seder. We will get them again.

    Anita G.
    So awesome for our seder!

    I purchased these coasters to take to my sister's for the seders. Everyone loved them! However, the number in the box and the number on the label were different, and we ended up with one less than we needed. Please check your labeling.

    Jewish N.
    Great idea

    I brought this along with the kids version to a seder I was invited to. Unfortunately no one listened to my instructions and used them as coasters.

    Susan S.
    A subtle way to remember the 10 plagues

    This year our Seder was enhanced by these adorable coasters depicting and naming the 10 plagues, and my beautiful wood table was simultaneously protected. You might say the eleventh plague "water rings on my nice furniture" was "passed over" because of my coasters. Some of my guests actually asked if they could keep their coaster!

    Francine H.
    Plague Coasters

    A great addition to making a Seder fun!