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    More about Copa Judaica

    Copa Judaica is a collection of Judaica products from artists worldwide.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Grandma o.c.
    They seem to like it...

    While it is impossible to know what is in the mind of any cat or cats, the cats in my life seem to like this gift. They scratch it, they bat it around, they nip at it, and they engage with it. It is not clear whether or not the star of David decoration is a plus or a minus to the cats, because they don't seem to be especially observant in the religion-department. Of course, they are cats.

    We love everything about this review. Glad you cats enjoy it!

    Tied for Favorite Toy

    We have had this toy now for months and all our cats love it, but one is especially obsessed. She rubs her paws on it, nuzzles it, bats at the mouse, lays her chin on it and generally just guards it as her own private play thing. Huge win.

    That is purr-fectly adorable! Thanks for sharing!

    Judith E.
    Not what I expected

    Be certain to look carefully at the dimensions of this product. The cats will play with it a bit, but I thought it was something else. Also, there is a little toy mouse inside (which is a bonus).

    Karen C.
    I thought it would be bigger

    It was a lot smaller than l thought it would be. My fault for not reading the small print .

    Ellen F.
    Much smaller

    Much smaller than it appears. Check thedimensions before buying. It was totally dysfunctional for my cats.

    Hi Ellen,
    I am sorry you are disappointed with the size of the item! We have contacted you about returning it if you would like to do so.

    All the best,