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    At LimmudLA this week, I did an acting workshop where I was asked write and act a scene where I play Esther as Sarah Jessica Parker would play her. Esther was on a date with Isaac (as played by John Meyer). Talk about hiding identity!Hiding our identity by dressing in costume is a way for us to experience the Purim story. The story is chock full of people mis-representing themselves and concealing their true identity. Esther is the major incognito who conceals her Jewishness from the King and becomes Queen....

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    Purim is revelrous Jewish holiday. It's traditional to feast, drink, give gifts of food to friends and to the poor, and dress in costume. The feasting, drinking, and giving are pretty typical for Jewish holidays (although more feasting, drinking, and giving than normal is required).I'm considering stocking these Venetian masks for Purim -- for our ADULT Purim parties and I want your opinion on them -- please!Venetian masks seem to be PERFECT for Purim -- because it turns out that Italian Jews, in the middle ages, were the first to...