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    Do you Vazu?

    ** Update: Vazu is now available for sale on ModernTribe.com here.**

    My customers are the most wonderful people -- they call me to chat and tell me interesting insights they have about Judaica and Israeli design. Yesterday a woman told me about Vazu by Israeli designers T.H.+E. Design Group. I immediately loved the product and the concept and want to add it ModernTribe ASAP.

    Let me tell ya about them. They are pretty, modern-design vases, right?

    Well, look again.

    They are actually made of plastic and fold flat for storage and travel. I don't know the price point yet but my customer told me it is pretty reasonable. Wouldn't they be great to bring along with the flowers you are giving to your girlfriend or hostess? How many times have you carted a glass vase with you and had to worry about it breaking in the car?

    Below is how they are merchandised. Unassuming packaging which looks more like pantyhose than a designer vase.

    I'll let you know when the are available at ModernTribe.com.