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    We are at the URJ Biennial this week.

    Come see us and say hello if you are in the San Diego area or attending the Biennial. My husband Webb and I are exhibiting at the Biennial to sell No Limit Texas Dreidel wholesale to retailers who want to sell the game next Hanukkah. We also want to talk to non-profits who don't have a shop about affiliating with and earning 10% of the sales that come through them. Come say hello and/or send your synagogue representative over to get some information on selling NLTD in your gift shop.

    Also -- see Jennie on TV talking about Modern Menorahs on CBS affiliate morning show Channel 46 Better Mornings. It aired yesterday, Tuesday December 11th on the last night of Hanukkah. I look like a little dwarf standing next to the 6 foot tall, skinny beautiful bean poll reporter. I'm going to have to get thinner if I keep getting on TV. : )