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    Get a Dose of Jewish Life in 6 Minutes or Less

    The Jewish Channel has a new segment: Week in Review. The approximately six minute video is an easy, entertaining way to stay on top of what is happening in Jewish culture & politics around the world. Hosted by Steven Weiss with special reports by sharp TJC team members Rebecca Honig Friedman and Christian Niedan, these are fresh (if not deep) segments.

    Subscribe to Week in Review and all TJC videos on YouTube.

    Or visit The Jewish Channel News Desk.

    No Limit Texas Dreidel on The Jewish Channel's Modern Jewish Mom

    The Jewish Channel has a new lifestyle show with Modern Jewish Mom Meredith Jacobs. Their Chanukah special is available On Demand for all of you who have cable television that carries The Jewish Channel. A segment of the show is on No Limit Texas Dreidel! Meredith interviewed me at Kosherfest this November and then the team at The Jewish Channel made these great clips demonstrating play of the game. We don't get The Jewish Channel in the ATL, unfortunately, but Time Warner & Optimum carry it in the North East and Verizon FiOS TV offers it in many states -- check if your state has it.

    You wanna know how to play No Limit Texas Dreidel? Watch this:

    By the way, the correct term is "hole cards" and "hole spins" -- not "hold" -- although it should be "hold," yes? Thank you The Jewish Channel and Modern Jewish Mom Meredith Jacobs.