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    Twirling in Tovale's from Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv

    You'll be hearing a bunch about my trip to Israel in the upcoming week. Quickly, I want to tell you about Tovale's clothing in Tel Aviv. I visited the location on Shenkin Street where Israeli designer Naama Chasin has both her women's clothing and her "Little" line for children. The children's clothing I couldn't resist buying for my daughter. My three year old is obsessed with twirling skirts and dresses and this skirt has enough twirl to satisfy even her. It's all handmade with serious skill and attention to detail. We couldn't step five feet without someone commenting on her outfit yesterday at the Virginia Highland Summer Fest -- and she wasn't even sporting the headband! The outfit was expensive: the whole ensemble cost around $150, more than I'd usually spend on an outfit for my child. About 5x more, actually. Ouch. You can see more of the Tovale's line on their flash heavy website, but unfortunately the 2008 line isn't yet online.

    Skinny Jeans for Not-Skinny Genes

    "...if the look you are searching for is that of a fat midget – go put on a pair of skinny jeans."
    -Mike, a designer and the owner of the Shandan jeans shop, on 38 Sheinkin St., Tel Aviv, explains why he is opposed to the skinny jeans

    Leave it to the Israelis to tell it like it is. Although the girls above sport them fine, some in the Israeli fashion world are lamenting the skinny-jean comeback as much as I am:

    "they are ugly, and I believe this fad will soon die out, the main reason being that unless you are a model who is 5'9" tall, this type of jeans will make your ass look big. And unfortunately, most Israeli girls sport a large behind, and are not very tall."

    It's not only a Diasporic phenomenon; shouldn't bootcamp unload some of that junk in the trunk? Read the original article by Hohit Ori Day with good pictures of Israeli booty by Arnon Maoz and Elad Hizki on Sheinkin.com, an e-magazine about Sheinkin Street, one of Tel-Aviv's hippest (hippyest?) fashion shopping streets.