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    Warning: Target misses with their gelt.

    I've tasted a lot of gelt. When we were trying to pick a gelt to sell with No Limit Texas Dreidel we got samples from Israel, Belgium, and around the USA. Target's is decidedly, and by no slim margin, the worst I've ever tasted. It's waxy, greasy, and tasteless. Maybe they confused the Hanukkah candles with the Hanukkah gelt? It pains me because Target has it's own brand of gourmet-ish chocolate called Choxie. I want to see this massive merchandising machine create gourmet Choxie gelt. Let's work on that one for Hanukkah 2008.

    Here's the Hanukkah display for Target and then that's it for criticizing my favorite store for it's Hanukkah missteps. (I do it 'cause I luv ya, Target!)

    Cute Hanukkah Stuff at Target!... (for dogs)

    Jewish Product Bloopers Part Two:
    Target has cute Hanukkah stuff for dogs but not people.

    On October 31, Halloween day, Target had moved the Halloween stuff to the end caps and stocked the aisles with Christmas decorations. Of course I immediately went to search for the Chanukah end cap to see how my favorite store is representing my favorite holiday.

    On the way to "Stationery" (which is where Hanukkah stuff is displayed), I passed pet supplies. "Whoa! is that a Hanukkah dog sweater? And a cute silver collar with a star of David?" Absolutely. Isaac Mizrahi has included Hanukkah stuff for dogs in his winter line of doggy accoutrement. I immediately picked out a sweater and collar for my doggy then headed toward Stationery.

    How's the Hanukkah stuff for people? Disappointing as usual. The end cap included: cheap, "Made in China" branch menorahs: one in "gold tone" one in "silver tone." I took one of the menorahs out of the box so I could see the quality. To say it was cheaply made is being nice: I could see the screws that attached the stems. I'm not going to go on... because it will sound nasty and I am a nice person. I just have zero tolerance for schlock!

    I will let a picture say 1000 words. I plan to take a snapshot of the display to illustrate this post. Check back soon. In the mean time enjoy pics of cute Zavy in her Mizrahi attire.