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    What's New At ModernTribe

    It's Menorah Madness here at ModernTribe. OK, that sounds tacky. But really, we have three new menorahs that I'm excited about and I want you to be excited, too...

    Dove Menorah In Gold and Silver
    Art is filled with symbolism, and this piece of modern Jewish art by Lunares certainly has it. The dove in the center is the traditional symbol peace. The menorah is like a Tree of Life, with branches growing out of it. So in a way, this menorah grounds the spirit of Hanukkah in a wish for peace and the lighting of the Hanukkah candles is a way of manifesting this peace in your home.

    The menorah combines the modern design that ModernTribe is known for, while at the same time having an asymmetrical, Craftsman style feel that is becoming more popular among the urban lodge/neo-folk design enthusiasts.

    Choose Gold or Silver. Ready to ship November 16.

    A novel take to the traditional Chanukah menorah: Chanukkit is an innovative set of individual menorahs, one for each day, made entirely of wax!

    The set includes eight menorahs including shamash candles (the one used to light the others). Lighting a new Chanukkit menorah each night reflects the joy and spirit of renewal of the holiday.

    Chanukkit is composed entirely of candles in different shades of red and comes in an attractive triangular-shaped package.

    Developed initially as a gift for the company’s employees, Chanukkit is trademarked in Israel with a pending international patent.Very cool.

    Will ship mid November. Order now!

    Cypress Menorah
    This handmade cast-bronze menorah is great for someone who wants to bring the beauty of nature to their Hanukkah decorating.

    Cast in the shape of a lush cypress tree, this menorah is a beautiful way to celebrate the earth each Hanukkah. 8" H x 14" L. By Nelles. Made right here in the USA.

    Happy Shopping!