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    Plushood - Israeli Version of the Ugly Doll

    Plushood update! --

    Check out this adorable cake made by a Plushood fan for her daughter's birthday party:

    After their animation short, Plushood: Meet Your New Neighbors, took second place in the Bitfilm Festival in Germany, Shlomi and Tamar are exhibiting at Urbanix on Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv. The exhibit is called Me, You and All The Others.


    The difficulty of coping with a demanding and competitive urban life, the subjugation to consumerism, money and social status, beside social manifestations like violence and indifference, can be found either openly or concealed in the works presented.

    Sounds a little heady but my guess it's going to be some interesting, fun illustration in a space that exhibits vinyl dolls (like Tam's Qee) and other artists inspired by graffiti, comics, manga, hip hop, pop culture, and street fashion.