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    Quirky Dishes For Your Sabbath Table

    Friday mornings I like to tie things up from the week in preparation for Shabbat. However, I tripped across some unusual dinnerware that is interesting enough for me to pause and tell you about it. All designers below are part of the Areaware design collective.

    New York Delft Plate Set by Lovegrove & Repucci
    $ 100.00 a set.

    The classic tradition of Dutch Delft hits the streets of New York City.

    Seconds Dinner Plates (set of 4)
    $ 132.00

    Jason Miller's “Seconds” series challenges the rules that surround modern day consumer items. Do decorations always need to be centered? Is a whole bird better than a half? Here, Jason’s elegant “mistakes” are artfully and carefully applied to porcelain dinner plates. Each set contains 4 unique patterns.

    Alma Fortune Cup - Gold Short Simple
    $ 75.00

    Porcelain, 22k gold

    In this collaboration, redstr/collective and Tobias Wong have taken the Alma Fortune cup and created a new level of esoteric luxury. Inspired by the age old tradition of Tasseography (Turkish coffee fortune telling), this cup with saucer has a one-of-a-kind, 22k gold fortune.

    What do you think? Would you set you Sabbath table (or any night) with these dishes?