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    What's New on ModernTribe

    Super Jew Shirts For Kids

    How about a Super Jew Shirt for a Super Jewish Kid? The Super Jew t-shirt is seen in the movie Funny People staring Seth Rogen & Adam Sandler. Ultra soft with high quality print, this shirt is perfect for the kid who stands up for Truth, Justice and the Jewish Way!

    These kids shirts come in sizes 2T, 4T, 6, 8, 10, 12 -- sizes run small so you may want to order up. You can also choose the Super Jew Onesie size 12-18 mos (runs small)

    And if you still haven't seen the greatness that is the Adult Super Jew Shirt, take a look.

    Flashing Prism Glitter Ball

    People are crazy about our rubber, bouncing glitter balls. Part ball, part "crystal ball", part snowglobe, part flashing instant disco, these fun bouncing balls are 2.5" in diameter. Made of clear rubber (not crystal), the insides are filled with water and glitter. The glitter sparkles and floats inside and flash with every bounce. Made in China.

    Beeswax Hanukkah Candles

    Enjoy the honey-sweet aroma and natural purity of beeswax! Each honeycomb candle is hand-rolled and cellophane wrapped to preserve its natural aroma. 45 candles to last you through Hanukkah.

    Will ship November 23rd.

    Happy Shopping...

    Super Jew T + (Party Pooper) Jewish Mag = Deal

    Did you catch Heeb magazine's blog post The 9 Lamest Pieces of “Super Jew” Apparel ? In typical self-hating fashion, Heeb disses Super Jew apparel including their own Super Jew t-shirt knock off.

    Seth Rogen's Super Jew T-Shirt, the one he wears in Funny People, was first on Heeb's list! W00t!

    Then yesterday, a big box of Heeb mag back issues showed up at ModernTribe HQ: 50 copies of "The Chosen Issue" with Jonah Hill (Seth Rogen's sidekick and co-star in Funny People). I thought: perrrrfect, karmic, bashert even: a Super Jew T/Heeb Magazine combo!

    So now, you, lucky reader can get the hottest ("lamest") t-shirt of the year: Seth Rogen's Super Jew t-shirt from Funny People + a copy of Heeb's "The Chosen Issue" with Jonah Hill + a subscription to Heeb Magazine for $34 (the t-shirt alone sells for $24). This deal is only for the next 50 orders. Only on ModernTribe.

    (Please note that Heeb is for adults who are young-at-heart, not the young.)