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    ModernTribe: PunkTorah Friday

    Every Friday, PunkTorah provides exclusive content for ModernTribe.

    This week features a video featuring the music of Girls In Trouble,
    the Jdub Records band that asks the question, "what would
    happen if the girls of the Bible started an indie rock band?" Purchase the Girls in Trouble's album on ModernTribe.

    Also featured are a D'var Torah on Parshat Noah, and PunkTorah selling
    ModernTribe products at the Shalom Cobb Festival (with his mother).

    Shabbat Shalom and have a safe, wonderful weekend!

    VIDEO: ModernTribe/PunkTorah Present: Girls In Trouble:

    VIDEO: Parshat Noah (The Tower of Babel)

    VIDEO: PunkTorah at the Shalom Cobb Festival (Featuring His Mother)