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    The results are in!

    The results are in and we have to say, it was a landslide! This election season, our customers cast their votes with their yarmulkes. Obamicas accounted for 80% of yarmulke sales, while McCippahs accounted for 20% of political yarmulke sales at

    There's still time to get your hands on the candidate kippahs! Come tomorrow, they'll be collectors' items!

    Something for everyone at

    At, we pride ourselves on carrying something for everyone, whether you're Reform or Orthodox, from the East Coast or West (or even the South), whether you're Democratic or Republican. Heck, we even have a menorah that Joe The Plumber would love:

    Will you vote McKippah or Obamica?

    Who says you should never talk politics or religion?

    Endorse your favorite presidential candidate with the McCippah or Obamica.
    If there is one thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on, it's that these are some pretty cool yarmulkes!

    Come election day, we'll report on the winning yarmulke here at The Chosen Blog.

    And while we are on the topic of voting, would you take a moment to vote for The site has been nominated in both the "Most Innovative" and "Wacky" business idea categories in a contest hosted by StartUp Nation. We appreciate your support! Vote here:

    Celebrate Summer with Pop Judaica!

    School is out, camp is in session! Summer is finally here, and boy are we glad! Lot's of new goods at to get the most out of our favorite season.

    This Just in! Camp Camp, a MUST READ for anyone who has attended summer Camp, especially in the 70's and 80's! Written by the same crew behind Bar Mitzvah Disco. Remember Tube socks up to your knees? the Benetton Craze? Drakkar Noir? Scrunchies? "Going With" someone? This book brings back all those great (and maybe not so great memories) with photos and interviews with some of your favorite celebs.

    We also have a fun collection of camp supplies including stationery and autograph pillowcases, as well as bunk and counselor gifts which can be found here.

    It's also time for BBQ's. Yay! Checkout the Barbecued Matzoballs Apron. A perfect gift for the host. Looking for a great summertime drink? We love He'Brew Beer. Manischewitz Sangria is also favorite. You can find the recipe here.

    Jews for Jeter

    Here's a bit of news for all you Jeter fans out there: The New York Post is reporting that 24 Hour Fitness Clubs will be opening "Jeter-styled gyms" in New York this summer. Jeter is lending much more than his name to the sophisticated clubs. He has a hand in the design of the clubs and will also appear in advertising campaigns and make promotional appearances at the gyms.

    Are you a Jew for Jeter? Get your Jews for Jeter t-shirt HERE!