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    Mazel Tov to Hebrew National!

    Hebrew National hotdogs were always are faves, but now it's official - the kosher beef franks have been judged top dog by Consumer Reports magazine. Seems like answering to a higher authority has its perks!

    Battle of the Briskets

    We attended an incredibly fun event today at the New Shul in NYC - the "Battle of the Briskets" a brisket bake off! Members of the shul were invited to enter their brisket into the contest - and lucky us, we got to try all of them. The judges included Gail Simmons (who we spoke to afterwards and was really, really lovely), a judge on the show “Top Chef”; Joshua Neuman, publisher of Heeb Magazine; and food writer Ed Levine. One of our favorites was the "Jewritos Brisket" served shredded in taco cups with fillings. The winning recipe was the "Cranberry Brisket" by New Shul member Cathy Gins. Needless to say, we are completely stuffed.

    Kosher Cokeheads

    If you're a fan of the original formula of Coca Cola, than it's time to start stocking up on the soft drink! As the NY Post points out, true Cokeheads go gaga at this time of year because Kosher for Passover Coke is made with pure sugar as opposed to corn syrup, as it is the rest of the year. Better stock up now before the stores run out! (We hear Waldbaums is having a special)