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    Mazel Tov Madonna!

    Mazel Tov to our favorite Jewanabee Madonna, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Listen as the Material Girl waxes poetic about writing her first song in an abandoned synagogue (4:45) and quotes from the Talmud (6:20) during her speech.

    Bat Mitzvah Idol

    We had a feeling that last season's notorious American Idol contestant Sanjaya was headed for big things, but the last thing we expected was for him to end up performing at a Bat Mitzvah. Yes, file this one under another "Crazy Bar/Bat Mitzvah" story. Last weekend Sanjaya (is there something in the water in Long Island?)



    Taking the "J" out of Jdate

    Remember when Jdate was a dating site for Jews? Well times have changed! Word has it that 25% of those on Jdate are not even Jewish, including singer Jesse McCartney. McCartney told In Touch that he joined Jdate when a Jewish friend's sister met her boyfriend on the site.(got that?)

    Well, we're sure there are a lot of girls who would like to bring Jesse Metcalf home to their Jewish mothers. Interested in dating a heartthrob? Look up profile jbagel07.

    Jews Who Rock

    Mazel Tov to Amy Winehouse, who won five Grammy Awards last night including Best New Artist, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year! Like a good Jewish girl, she had her mamaleh up on stage with her as she accepted her award. Now let's hope she quits the mishegas and sticks to rehab.