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    Recipe: Lemon-Mint Juice ala Israel

    Hi - You won't be getting many recipes from me. I don't like to cook and would order in or eat out all the time if we could afford it. However, today was Father's Day, we had friends over and I actually cooked (a little bit). I'm really taken with this recipe so thought I'd share.

    A popular drink in Israel is a lemon-mint flavored soft drink. It has a slight fizz and isn't too sweet. Here is our attempt to re-create this drink at home -- our own original recipe:

    Lemon Mint Juice ala Israel

    2 cups ice cubes
    2 lbs lemons
    3 pints Sprite
    one bunch fresh mint leaves
    1 Tablespoon sugar

    juice the lemons, strain seeds and add to pitcher, over ice cubes
    add approx. 3 pints (3 16.9 oz bottles) Sprite
    chop mint leaves add to pitcher
    stir in 1 T sugar