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    Jennie on Good Day Atlanta this morning!

    I only have a minute before the next TV station comes to my house to film a segment. Here is segment one -- done live this morning on Fox 5 Atlanta. It was an exciting but nerve-wracking experience. We only had a few minutes to set up, no rehearsal. Wham, I was on TV. I was so nervous but I think it turned out OK.

    Mainstream Stores Best & Worst for Hanukkah

    Of course I want you to shop at But if you can't, don't want to, or just don't have the time to wait for shipping, here is the skinny on some of the mainstream department stores' Hanukkah offerings. Have a beautiful, modern Hanukkah!

    Disclaimer: Some department stores vary their stock depending on the community -- so if there are many Jews in the community, they will stock more Hanukkah stuff. Therefore, these findings may or many not be true for your "brick and mortar" location.

    I have covered Target in previous posts.

    Uh oh, may steal ModernTribe's business: Crate & Barrel. They have two very nice looking nickel plated menorahs. I haven't seen them up close but, darn, they look nice and I'd love to be able to offer them to you myself.

    Some nice, but traditional, things: Saks Fifth Avenue. These Eleni's New York Happy Hanukkah Cookies look beautiful! Has anyone tried them?

    The mainstream of modern: Nambe at Macys and Bloomingdales. I plan to offer the Nambe line in the future. If you want Nambe Judaica now, they have it. I don't like the Nambe menorah however; it looks great with candles but loses its design appeal without them.

    "No products found for Chanukah. Did you mean chunky?" JC Penney, Dillards, and KMart come up blank in the Hanukkah department.

    Not my taste but a selection of goods: Walmart, Kohls, and Bed Bath and Beyond

    Jewish Product Bloopers Part III: Search for Hanukkah or Chanukah at these websites and get:

    Kenny G "Miracles - The Holiday Album." the only Chanukah item online at Sears contains one "Chanukah Song" among 10 other Christmas songs. But, I do believe Kenny is Jewish.

    A Nativity Votive!? Watch those keywords Bloomingdales!

    Woof & Poof Jolly Old Saint Nick at Nordstrom along with rows and rows of other Christmas decorations. I still consider snowmen, angels, and fairies Christmas decor. Do you?

    Cool Judaica will Fix Everything!

    If you are in San Fran on Thursday, November 8th at 7:30 PM, there is a thought provoking program hosted by Progressive Jewish Alliance. Young, Jewish, and (Dis)Connected is about how, why and, more specifically, why don't younger Jews feel connected to Israel and to Jewish life in America.

    You know my answer for younger Jews' disenchantment with American Jewish Life: schlocky Judaica and boring dreidel games!

    We are fixing the schlocky/boring problem at But I bet Professor Ari Kelman, Joey Kurzman from, Sarah Church from PJA, Heidi Winig from American Jewish World Services, and Jeremy Lizt of New Israel Fund have some other ideas on the subject.

    It's free but RSVP: or 510-527-8640