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    Super Jew T + (Party Pooper) Jewish Mag = Deal

    Did you catch Heeb magazine's blog post The 9 Lamest Pieces of “Super Jew” Apparel ? In typical self-hating fashion, Heeb disses Super Jew apparel including their own Super Jew t-shirt knock off.

    Seth Rogen's Super Jew T-Shirt, the one he wears in Funny People, was first on Heeb's list! W00t!

    Then yesterday, a big box of Heeb mag back issues showed up at ModernTribe HQ: 50 copies of "The Chosen Issue" with Jonah Hill (Seth Rogen's sidekick and co-star in Funny People). I thought: perrrrfect, karmic, bashert even: a Super Jew T/Heeb Magazine combo!

    So now, you, lucky reader can get the hottest ("lamest") t-shirt of the year: Seth Rogen's Super Jew t-shirt from Funny People + a copy of Heeb's "The Chosen Issue" with Jonah Hill + a subscription to Heeb Magazine for $34 (the t-shirt alone sells for $24). This deal is only for the next 50 orders. Only on ModernTribe.

    (Please note that Heeb is for adults who are young-at-heart, not the young.)